The latest site to be added to the FourTwo portfolio launched at the end of October, showcasing contemporary ceramics by Beverly Walker. Designed by Alan Beck, and put together by myself, it goes without saying that this site is totally CSS/XHTML based, just going to prove anything is possible.

On to a totally different design direction with a site I’ve recently designed alongside the guys at Orange Vision. This re-design aimed to bring together the companies new simpler and rounded branding alongside their current ‘take charge of your finances’ campaign strategy.

Whilst a table based layout (and with good reason given time constraints, team knowledge, and backwards compatibility) I like to think I was able to restrict the use of tables to a bare minimum of basic layout and forms.

This site is being fiddled with behind the scenes, and version 6.2 aims to basically finish off what was started, especially with regards to certain aspects of this blog that need addressing (comment preview, calendar…). Under the hood improvements will accompany new section and site indices that will hopefully show off the range of content that’s available throughout the site.

Whilst this has now been upgraded to allow news and gig administration, the site is planned to have a totally new look, hopefully before Christmas.