Journal Entries

More or Less?

More4 could be the most exciting television channel to launch since the advent of BBC2 forty years ago.

My Greatest Run (Part 2)

This year the Great North Run celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. Unfortunately the death of 4 runners and some organisational difficulties, the celebration felt a little soured.

My Greatest Run (Part 1)

Now that the aches and pains that follow a 13.1 mile run are slowly starting to disappear, time to tell you all about the 25th Great North Run.

The Art of Podcasting

When iTunes 4.9 was released a few months ago, it finally included support for download and playback of Podcasts. This new means of delivery also allowed podcasters to supply album artwork, which in turn would be displayed in the application and throughout the iTunes Music Store.

A Summer to Remember

If there are two things that I can count on during any given year, they are non-eventful summers that seemingly end before they start, and the annual hell that is my birthday. Thankfully this year has been a little bit different!