When iTunes 4.9 was released a few months ago, it finally included support for download and playback of Podcasts. This new means of delivery also allowed podcasters to supply album artwork, which in turn would be displayed in the application and throughout the iTunes Music Store.


Commercial and independent podcasters have spent a lot of time on perfecting their branding of course, but what really impressed me however is the artwork for the BBC’s podcasts – perhaps a reflection on how the corporation is embracing this new technology.

With a ‘Radio to Go’ sub-brand and a consistent yet flexible template that can be applied across a wide range of podcasts, they have managed to successfully pull together its many different radio (network and programme) brands:

Examples of BBC podcast artwork.

Of course for such a large organisation not to place it’s branding across all its output would be unheard of, but I think the execution here is excellent. This, alongside the release of their own BBC Radio widget for the Mac OS X Dashboard, and you have yet more reasons why the BBC should have its Royal Charter renewed next year.

Inside Mac Radio

In July, I took part in a competition run by Inside Mac Radio, the premier Mac News podcast to design a new logo. Sadly I did not win, but it was sure fun taking part. So as I finally get round to blogging about all things podcast, I thought I would share with you my design, as well as the final design that was chosen.

My entry (left) and the winning design (right)

Favourite Podcasts

As a final thought, and I’m sure to be of much discussion, favourite podcasts? I’ll pre-empt the comment(s) and predict that Jon will post a comment about Andy Grace’s podcast. Having subscribed to this for a week or so, I must say that I soon became bored with it, and is now deleted from my podcast list. I am keen to hear some other recommendations though.

For me, the only podcast I have stayed subscribed to is Mark Kermode’s Film Reviews from BBC Radio Five Live. I have experimented with a few others – Inside Mac, Iain Lee, Go Digital, but I’m finding it hard to find a podcast that I find as useful, informative and entertaining as this one.

Whilst perhaps it isn’t a true podcast (more time-shifted audio), this just proves to be another great use for podcasting. In this respect, how long will it be before we can download Jonathan Ross podcasts from Radio 2?