Last weekend I completed the 4th Great Manchester Run. Unlike last year, I didn’t manage to run the full distance. Running is very much a battle of wits, and having stopped midway for a quick toilet break, having made that stop once made it easier to convince myself that I could stop again during the later stages of the race.

I still managed to run about 80% of the course distance however, and finishing with a time of 1:17:19 – only 5 minutes slower than last year. Of course that fact now means I wish I had run the full distance, but with little and poor preparation, that was always going to be difficult.

Finally a big big thank-you to everybody who sponsored me.

I reached my target, and when you add Gift Aid the total figure is �393.01. Donations can still be made on my fund raising page for the next month, and I urge you to do so if you haven’t already:

Simone’s Tribute Fund now stands at �1,611.75. I hope my little contribution made her proud. Next up is Run for Moore, and I’m taking donations now. You can donate online at: