Here I am, one week into the second part of this years Californian adventure, so just a quick blog entry to thank everybody for their good wishes over the last week, and to say that I’m enjoying being back.

A number of my worries about returning have been unfounded (no great surprise), and it’s great being able to get my grubby hands back on a number of key Ning projects.

And thank the Lord that all that remote working malarkey is a thing of the past!

Last Friday I moved into my new place, which is small but perfectly formed, and as of tonight, I now have internet. I can’t help thinking that going to bed at 12am, and getting up at 8pm (which I have been able to stick to for the last week) will now become a whole lot harder to maintain – but I’m going to try. I love being up early in the morning, and being able to casually stroll into work, whilst eating my early morning banana!

In the next couple of days, I plan to upload photos of my new apartment, and also some of the photos I took of the Ning servers when we all got an opportunity to check them out last week. It’s a geek’s paradise my friends!