Journal Entries

2006 in Review

Unsurprisingly, I feel compelled to write a review of this last year which I think I can say with some confidence has been very different from previous years.

Children of Men

Children of Men is a vision of the not too distant future (2027 to be precise) where the human race is no longer able to reproduce.


A story about several racially and socially divided individuals living in Los Angeles, that through a number of events over the course of two days, come in contact with each other with predictable and unpredictable results.

Flags Of Our Fathers

The first of a few brief film reviews I plan to end the year on, having seen a few movies during my three months back in the states.

Work With Me!

2007 is set to be an exciting year at Ning, with the launch (and continual development) of a product we have spent the last couple of months beavering away on, as well as a host of other improvements to the platform.