Unsurprisingly, I feel compelled to write a review of this last year which I think I can say with some confidence has been very different from previous years. Having said that it seems like I’ve spent the last five or so months looking back. Some recent posts on this blog are ample proof of the sort of reflective mood I’ve been in lately.


A lot of this came as a result of my new job at Ning, Inc. and my (eventual) relocation to California. As the hours tick down to a new year, I finally feel like I’ve settled into my new surroundings, and I’m very much looking forward to the challenges that me and the company will face during the next 12 months. From my point of view, 2006 was very much a year in which Ning was still finding it’s way, and as such there were definitely a few dodgy moments along the way.

Going into 2007, we have an (already) awesome product that we will be launching to the world around mid February, and I feel really positive about it. If it turns out to be a success (and I think it could be), who knows what the next year will hold for me and the team.


Whilst I spent half of this year in California, I also finally set foot on the European continent, spending a week in Italy alongside my friend Nancy and her sister. Whilst I’m glad I visited the Italian capital and the Vatican, Florence was a particular highlight of this trip. Before the year was out I was also able to spend a few days in New York, a city I’ve always wanted to visit, and was suitably impressed.

However, the most enjoyable trip of 2006 took place a little closer to home, with a weekend spent in Littlehampton alongside Jon, his girlfriend Katie, Nash, Ellen and a number of others.

Personal Growth

I’m tending to view 2006 as a bad year, which is bizarre as the facts speak otherwise. Yes, it was a year in which I got punched in the face, had my heart broken, faced constantly changing surroundings (having lived at four different addresses) alongside numerous other frustrations, but I guess this was to be expected as it was a year of tremendous personal change – and a change that needed to happen if I’m honest.

Looking Forward

As I draw a line under 2006, and enter this new year, I can do so with much to look forward to. A weekend in Vegas in January, new product launches at Ning during February, a couple of weddings, as well as number of friends hopefully making the trip over to the States during the course of the year, means I’m really relishing the next twelve months.

Happy New Year!