I’ve often found myself requiring icons when linking to or referencing different social networks I’m a member of. Whilst there are a lot of icon sets available that can help me do this, most seem to be oversized and highly stylised. In the past I’ve used site favicons, but these can often be visually inconsistent.

With that in mind, and taking inspiration from the gorgeous icons used by Tim van Damme on his address card site, and the Social Media Mini Iconpack by Komodo media, I’ve created a selection of different icons each available in four different sizes (48×48, 32×32, 24×24 and 16×16).

Download Social Media Icons – Version 1.10, 3.8MB

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Licence. I claim no right of ownership to the company logos used in these icons. Provision of these icons does not reflect endorsement of individual services.

Included Icons


Please provide any feedback or suggestions by submitting a new issue on GitHub.

Release Notes

v1.10  3 December 2012

  • Added 5 new icons (App.net, Behance, Microsoft, Readability, This Is My Jam)
  • Removed 12 icons (About.me, Digg This, Formspring, Google Talk, iLike, iTunes, MSN Messenger, OpenID, Plancast, Yahoo! Messenger, Upcoming, Viddler)
  • BBC iD icon updated with new design
  • Digg icon updated with new colours
  • Instagram icon updated with new icon and colour
  • MySpace logo updated with new logo
  • Replaced ShareThis with Open Share icon
  • Twitter icon updated with new bird
  • Many icons redrawn and recoloured
  • Source file (Fireworks PNG) now included with distribution
  • Project now hosted on GitHub
  • Moved to CC 3.0 international (unported) licence

v1.9  24 January 2012

  • Added 7 new icons (500px, Etsy, Instagram, Pintrest, Soundcloud, Stack Overflow, Zerply)
  • Removed 8 icons (Bebo, eBay, Fire Eagle, Gowalla, Mixx, Netvibes, PayPal, Picasa)
  • AIM icon updated with new logo
  • Foursquare icon updated with revised logo
  • Google+ icon updated with new logo
  • Lanyrd icon updated to match iOS icon
  • Orkut icon updated with new logo
  • StumbleUpon icon updated with new logo
  • Subtle refinements and iteration
  • Support community opened on Get Satisfaction
  • Read Me file now markdown formatted
  • Download now includes blank icon templates

v1.8  21 August 2011

  • Added 5 new icons (about.me, Forrst, Google+, rdio, Speaker Deck)
  • Removed 1 icon (Ember)
  • 16x16 icons are now saved as 32-bit alpha PNG
  • Various other icon refinements

v1.7  20 December 2010

  • Added 1 new icon (Pinboard)
  • Removed 3 icons (Brightkite, Technorati, Yahoo Buzz)
  • Gowalla icon updated to use ‘G’ motif
  • Myspace icon redrawn with new logo
  • Twitter icon updated to use bird motif

v1.6  22 September 2010

  • Added 8 new icons (BBC iD, Formspring, Github, Lanyrd, Meetup, Plancast, Retweet, Spotify)
  • Removed 4 icons (Just Giving, Ning, OPML, Virb)
  • Digg icon updated with new brand colouring
  • iTunes icon redrawn with new logo
  • Get Satisfaction icon redrawn with new logo
  • Twitter icon updated with correct brand colouring
  • Various other icon refinements

v1.5.1  16 March 2010

  • Fixed border on delicious-16x16.png

v1.5  14 March 2010

  • Added 12 new icons (Creative Commons, Dribbble, Foursquare, Get Satisfaction, Gowalla, identi.ca, PayPal, SlideShare, Viddler, XING, Xbox, Zootool)
  • iMeem icon removed as service no longer available
  • Fire Eagle Mascot icon removed
  • Ning icon redrawn with new logo
  • Huffduffer icon redrawn
  • Outer borders are now alpha-transparent. Icons should work better on different background colours
  • Inner bevel redesigned
  • Images are now compressed. Average icon file sizes are now 50% smaller
  • ‘Read Me’ file now provides required attribution for Geotag, OPML and Share icons

v1.2  11 September 2009

  • Added 10 new icons (eBay, Ffffound, Goodreads, iLike, IMDb, iMeem, iTunes, Just Giving, Posterous, Wikipedia)

v1.1  26 July 2009

  • Added 14 new icons (AIM, Amazon, Bebo, vCard, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Nike+, OpenID, OPML, Orkut, Picasa, Skype, Virb, Yahoo Messenger)
  • QuickSnapper is now Ember
  • 16x16 icons now provided in 8-bit PNG format
  • Various visual tweaks to all icons (borders, highlights etc.)
  • Package now includes ‘Read Me’ file with licence information

v1.0  29 June 2009

  • Initial Release (36 icons in 4 sizes)