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A New Library for Birmingham

Architecture has never been kind to Birmingham, but then Birmingham has never been kind to its architecture.


I can wait another year before upgrading my iPhone 3G.

Winning the World Cup Would Be the Worst Thing to Happen to English Football

Much like the wider economy, football in this country is an overinflated bubble ready to burst. Two years after failing to qualify for the European Championships, let us see further embarrassment with an early exit from the World Cup. Then let us seize this opportunity to properly scrutinise the national game and its failings, rather than single out the manger or individual members of the squad.

Today’s Guardian


Phil Gyford has built a stripped down version of the Guardian Website, featuring only articles that appear in today’s paper. He’s written more about the project on his website.


Star Wars iPad Briefing

Another Adam Buxton YouTube classic:

A long time ago, in a galaxy blah blah away… Big Jobs does his best to convince a skeptical Rebel Alliance that the i-Pad really is a game changer.

Four Hundred & Twenty-Nine Pounds

As the masses on Twitter congratulate themselves on their latest technology purchase, I feel strangely removed from all the excitement.