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Online retailer Nuts.com are ‘more than just nuts’; they also sell dried fruit, chocolates, sweets, seeds, spices, coffees, teas and much more. A family business founded over 80 years ago in Cranford, New Jersey, their success is built upon a passion for quality, a deep connection with their heritage and good old-fashioned customer service.

At Clearleft, I’ve worked closely with Nuts.com to improve the design of their website. Although highly successful, it had lost a design consistency and was difficult to navigate. We decided to initially focus on fixing obvious usability problems and stabilise the site. Once this was done, we could then spend short 3 month sprints refining different aspects of the service.

By modernising the design of home, listing and product pages, I made them more appealing to users and easier to use. This was followed by the design of a new checkout process and bespoke gift creation tools. Each sprint involved reviewing previous changes, and then iterating designs based on usage of the site and feedback from users.

The most recent sprint involved implementing a new brand. I worked with Pentagram in New York and Jon Aizlewood in Brighton to ensure the new identity would work as well online as it does off.