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Not really my kind of music, i got bored a long time ago with insincere love songs full of generic lyrics. I agree it does sound like everything else and thats probably why there record companies are all over it. Its proven to sell!

To me this offers nothing new or inspiring in a tired out genre. Im also bored of people saying “but i can relate to what he says”, I dont doubt that you can as all of us have had our rough experiences with love but the difference with people who actually like this kind of music is that they seem to dwell on it and feel sorry for themselves rather than dealing with it as an experience in their lives, enjoying it (as much as possible) and moving on. So cheer up guys and listen too some music that picks you up rather than brings you down.

That said we all have different tastes and thats great!

Gio's GravatarGio


I bought this album after downloading the ‘Out of my mind’ demo from JB website. What a revelation! but yep, the whole album it’s a jewel. I think ‘You’re Beatiful’ is not the best track in the cd. I think ‘Out of my Mind’ is the real masterpiece. I immediately caught similarieties with Damien Rice as Jon mentioned. Both of them exploit the power of their voice to create awesome vocal sounds. But, ehm, JB is also terribly handsome. Well, after watching last week (for the first time!) his ‘You’re beautiful’ video, I’be been wondering is JB the latest reincarnation of Jim Morrison? no…of course no…

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I bought this album recently. It’s so great, but way too good to end after forty minutes or so. some albums drag on but I come to the end of this wishing it would go on a bit!

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I first came across this album having it forced upon me in Lloydy’s car, but in the way that all good music does, it got in there somewhere, and wouldn’t let me rest until I’d spent the �7.90 downloading it from iTunes.

I’ve got to say I agree, this album is genius, in the way that Damien Rice’s O is genius. In fact, the two are certainly not dissimilar.

Also, I have to try that English accent in America thing for real this time.