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This is one of the only new longer lloydyweb posts I’ve managed to read all the way through – interesting stuff. I imagine that many people would agree with your point of view (even the people concerned about their apple displays). We all (for the most part) care about the other people, but as you say it’s easy to get bogged down in our own lives – after all it’s us living them.

Regardless of what I think about Bush, I believe the leaders of our nations can really set the wheels of change in motion this coming week. We need to put an end to third world debt NOW.

So it’s fair enough if you want to go and buy a plasma TV, or Blog about other stuff. You can still have a opinion on world issues, or sign the G8 list, or buy a white band, or watch live8, or donate money to charities that you care about, or actively seek out people to help.