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Two word review. It’s cack.

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I really liked this film, it shares common themes with brave new world and ‘Aldous Huxley’ – Brave New World’ it had a good balance of comedy and action.

I would have given it 8/10, but it’s your review :D

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This is a great website…I think I’m going to add pictures on my blog…This Blog looks soooo great…

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I knew you couldn’t resist a virtual rant to accompany the actual live rant we experienced last night (not one of your best by the way). I am, surprisingly, inclined to agree with you: The ms branding in the film did cheapen it somewhat.

I think if you discount the last hour and a half of this film it actually becomes quite interesting. The whole human cloning thing is an issue we’ve seen in many films, but not shown in quite this way. The treatment of the clones as nonentities, without souls is perhaps quite true to the way we would react. Suffice to say if we did create a living, breathing and thinking copy of another person what would that say about the existence of God? Would that clone have a soul?

Anyway, perhaps a little deep. In closing. Film = average.