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I’ve been deprived from TV for over a year…Hockey is back..lol..There is sooo many chans but nothing to watch…This is a great site!!!

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Without sounding too perverted, I thought the original advert for this “new adult channel from Channel 4” was going to be some sort of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll channel, something that would get my vote to be honest (think Bravo or Men&Motors with taste!) but when I found out it was just going to be E4 for the older and more mature generation, I had mixed feelings.

Great, Four are focussing their energy on a market that is overlooked too much on TV. At the same time, I agree with you Paul. Why should they be creating another channel for “quality” TV when the current state of play on the terrestial channels is ridiculously dumbed down for the Sun-reading generation?

Saturday nights on all 4 (5?) terrestial channels have all cashed in on the reality TV phenomena that, to me, has had its day. These so called “celebs” don’t exactly entertain, nor do they educate, but for some reason the goverment are still wondering why the X-generation are binge-drinking! Take a look at evening TV – that could and probably would lead you to substantial amounts of alcohol. Blair – take note…

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Actually thinking about it I think I could quite happily do without TV for a month. As long as I had a small bunny rabbit and a packet of starburst. (Kris-Photo shoot at 5am this morning now suffering from sleep deprevation)

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Dude, it’s television, so therefore generally crap anyway. I wonder how many people could cope without a tv for even a short time, say a month?