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Mark's GravatarMark


Be really sexy and learn a dead language….. or fortran.

Paul Robert Lloyd's GravatarPaul Robert Lloyd


Given that I will be in the States soon, and probably 50% of the population (and I’m counting illegal aliens from across the border here) speak Spanish, if I was to choose a foreign language to learn, this would probably be the one to get my teeth into!

Lewis Burden's GravatarLewis Burden


I can see why you would not want to return - I heard that the Metro was grubby and the place was quite dirty. Although fantastic scenery and a great historical place of interest, I can see how one visit of exhaustive travelling in uneasy surroundings can make that experience one never to repeat again!!!

As for the language, go for it! But which one?!?

Jon Roobottom's GravatarJon Roobottom


Nice post, and I love the photographs. I strongly feel the best way to learn another language is go and immerse yourself in it for a month. I bet you’d learn such a lot if you were forced to speak Italian non-stop for a few weeks.

krystyn's Gravatarkrystyn


Been wondering where you’d run off to! I am envious. What amazing pictures from your journey.

I can completely relate to your desire to learn another language… I have always wanted to get one of those CDs that I could listen to during my commute or maybe even learn subliminally while I sleep. (But I suppose if that were really that easy, everyone would know several languages, right?) I think I’d like to learn Italian first. I used to share a studio with artists from Sardinia and even when they were screaming curses at one another it was sexy. :-)