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I agree with the general theme here - CHEER UP! and be excited not worried you have nothing to lose!

Missy's GravatarMissy


Cheer up! Your going to get used to it. You’ll meet a lot of new interesting people.

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You will look back in a few years time knowing that you made the correct decision about your move.

Ning will probably be not the final destination in you career and if you make a good impression then other companies will take notice and will want to take you onboard in much the same way that Ning have.

Living away from your family and friends is difficult at times, I know – I�ve done it for the last eight years. While you are young and single you should take these opportunities.

I�ve got friends who moved to CA a few years ago, all of them miss their family and friends but we all keep in touch as see each other a few times each year.

They do say though that CA in general is an expensive place to live, your salary is a good one but it�s something that you should be aware of.

Just enjoy yourself, meet new people, explore the states and remember that you can come back anytime. You might meet the girl of your dreams and decide to stay!

Jonathan Aquino's GravatarJonathan Aquino


Ha! I’m the opposite – the seclusion, the isolation, the remoteness – I thrive in this environment. This is one definition of introversion. Perhaps you are more of an extrovert i.e. you feel energized in the presence of others.

Paul Robert Lloyd's GravatarPaul Robert Lloyd


Why do you always have to ruin things for me Athena…?

Only joking, I’ve corrected it now – good spot. I wouldn’t want to offend the Chinese, I don’t value my chances much when it’s 1 against 1,315,844,000!

Athena's GravatarAthena


Cheer up, Paul! Just think: you’ll get to be in the office (and paid attention to again) in no time.

Also, I think you just put Beijing on notice. We’re GMT-8 :)

Mark's GravatarMark


Cheer up you grumpy b*stard! You’ve got what alot of people would consider a dream job. I get to visit brum and harbourne which is err nice, you get to go to yank land!

What you need is a ho. All you need is a couple of bottles of ‘tart fuel’ and you’ll be beating them off with sticks in walsall! ;-)

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Oh, this post saddens me on so many levels. Not only do I feel badly for your situation, but starting Monday I will be working remotely from home as well. The company is in the same time zone at least. I guess the good thing that has come out of your experience is you have realized the value of those close to you and will appreciate when they are, literally, close to you again.