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Lewis Burden's GravatarLewis Burden


Hey, just remember Office 2007 and Vista will be in the mainstream.

Things are looking up already!

I cannot believe you removed my last comment, I was that upset I nearly did not go out for Ruths birthday at Revolution.

Dan's GravatarDan


Wow, powerful stuff Elroy my boy!

But like Kris said, although this last year has been tricky come next year when you are settled you will be reaping the rewards and will have a whole new exciting future to look forward to. Just think to what you have achieved in the last few years… It is more than a lot of people will do in their lifetime and that is something you can be very proud of mate.

You only have one life mate, so go out there and make the most of it. The world needs you Elroy! Just think you could have always stayed at McD’s and lived your life that way, but then what is the point of living if you don’t push and test yourself. You will only regret it in the future.

You are a good man Elroy, you just wait. 2007 will be an amazing year for you.

Chin up son.

Kris's GravatarKris


I think everyone has these phases in life mate where things seem not quite what we want them to be. You have to remember how much you have achieved this year career wise and how much of a great foundation you have laid for the future wherever your career path may go.

I’ve always believed that in life, all we really are as human beings is the sum of all our experiences and we are defined by them whether they be good or bad.

My biggest fear is looking back on my life and not having any stories to tell but you my friend are already accumilating a nice stock of said stories. Because at the end of it all, all we will have are those stories.

I hope that 2007 brings you the same amount of luck in other aspects of your life mate as 2006 has done with your career!