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Jon Roobottom's GravatarJon Roobottom


I’m still not convinced about the left sidedness of this blog, but as you say it’s a bold move – and one that I may (like a LOT of your stuff) come to appreciate.

I LOVE the location map – that’s inspired! I take it the header “…and is currently located somewhere near…” takes it’s data from the last post you wrote? Or maybe you use your iPhone to send it GPS data? Either way, nice work.

As for the overall design – I generally love it, not convinced about the line drawing of the world in the background – but again that could grow on me.

Good work! Finally you have somewhere to blog!

Andy Higgs's GravatarAndy Higgs


I’m not sure how it escaped my feed reader, but the new design completely missed me until I saw it in the ‘pack newsletter.

I very much like the pixel map. The links in the footer are a little strong, but I can cope with that.

Paul Robert Lloyd's GravatarPaul Robert Lloyd


Fabricio – I’m in town until the morning of the 10th, so maybe we could catch up on the 9th?

Yes, the ‘green squiggly thing’ is my attempt at fussing travel+design, in the form of a pixelated map. It was multicoloured originally, and I may still alter the colouring in the future.

Thanks for the comments all!

David's GravatarDavid


I think the green image is a cool pixelated map of the world.

Like the Google post location map.

Kris's GravatarKris


Whats the green squigly thing at the top? Is it supposed to look like that or is my browser just being a biatch?

Fabricio Zuardi's GravatarFabricio Zuardi


When are you going to san francisco? I think there is a chance that I will be around there too (I will be visiting the us from 8 to 31 of october!)

btw, nice blog. one small suggestion though: reading text on the left side of my maximized firefox screen is a little annoying, please consider some centralized column or a bigger margin :)