Offscreen is a new magazine edited, produced and beautifully designed by Kai Brach, that focuses on the personalities behind the pixels – in a good way.

Cover of Issue No1. Photo by Kai Brach.

The inaugural issue contains six in-depth interviews (Dan Cederholm, Drew Wilson, Hannah Donovan, Ryan Singer, Andrew Wilkinson and Benjamin de Cock) and a selection of essays, all interspersed by a number of regular features. I’m honoured to be featured in one of these, Logbook, which charts a day in the life of me and four other designers and developers.

The essays are thoughtful and inspiring, interviews are detailed and intimate and the features are innovative and original. The publication seeks to provide a welcome break from the screen, but it has also restored my faith in an industry prone to wasting its energy churning out pithy tweets. In such an environment, a place for considered long form writing like this can only be a good thing.

If you haven’t bought a copy yet, then you really should. Purchase a subscription, and you’ll receive three issues a year, and also support Kai has he continues this wonderful endeavour.