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Jon Roobottom's GravatarJon Roobottom


I hope you’re right and Mr.Cameron can offer a fresh approach to the Conservatives, and possibly UK politics as a whole. I feel that the old divide between right and left is narrowing day by day as all politicians clammer to stand in one “politically correct” center spot, giving the voter no real choice.

Dr Amara Sohail's GravatarDr Amara Sohail


I have always been a Labour party supporter but have been very disappointed with their health policies as the word Quality does not mean anything in their dictionary. David Cameron has mentioned the word “Quality”. I hope he means it.

Matt Marshall's GravatarMatt Marshall


Personally I am a Conservative Party member and voted for Cameron.

He is making a lot of promises, and has been acting upon what he said that he would do in the election to a certain extent which has even surprised me.

I welcome the existing changes and hope for a brighter future with the party!