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An Opportunity For Change

As an era of Labour government led by Gordon Brown surely comes to an end, I reflect on my changing political attitudes and the decision I’ll be making at the ballot box this coming Thursday.

Obama, America & Me

Growing up, my brother was always the one in our family more interested in American culture. Whilst he followed the NBA and listened to Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan and Eminem, I stood to the National Anthem and worried about Britain’s growing closeness to Europe. America was of little importance to me.

Time to Start Taking Notice

I often tend to neglect blogging my thoughts and views regarding the big issues of the day, even given my usual strong opinions. This is something I’m aiming to rectify and what better place to start: 30,000 children dying a day, needlessly.


This May 5th is the General Election. Who should I vote for? Should I even vote at all? As we head into the final week of campaigning, I way up the choices and try to convince myself that my vote actually counts.